Remote Assessment Made Easy

Qpercom is now a remote assessment solution that offers video integration to facilitate fully remote professional skills assessments and admission interviews using just one integrated solution. 

Universities around the world are already using this advanced system to run OSCEs online.

Video integration for OSCEs and MMI works in tandem with Qpercom's flagship features, such as:

  • Score sheets
  • Required exam scripts and video uploads
  • Bespoke exam descriptive analysis
  • Student and examiners performance analysis
  • Additional quality assurance and student or examiners feedback

Video integration in Qpercom fulfils all your remote assessment needs by adding exam and video logistics, synchronised exam and video control or status change, self-contained multimedia sharing and a notifications feature for examiners, actors, SP and students.

All can participate from home while moving virtually from station to station. Assessment administrators or invigilators can also monitor candidates using video to prevent cheating or suspicious activity. Local coordination for your video-integrated exam is simply done through Qpercom’s integrated 'Exam Monitoring Tool’.

Screenshot from Qpercom Observe VI

Why choose QPERCOM with video integration?

Research has shown that running Objective Structured Clinical Examinations or Admission Interviews remotely will save your institution and its students, applicants and actors … time, resources and money when face-to-face examinations and interviews are no longer required.

QPERCOM offers everything you need to run a secure and fully remote assessment examination or interview day on behalf of your institution.